Dog Reiki

natural healing


You know your pet well enough to know when something is wrong. Looking for a way to address you dog’s anxiety or pain? Reiki is a non-invasive alternative healing practice that promotes overall health and well-being. Paws & Rewind offers 30 minutes Reiki sessions for your dog to help improve their condition.

Reiki is a gentle but powerful energy healing therapy that can be used alongside, but not as a substitute for conventional veterinary treatment and medication.

Dogs experience a range of emotions and feel physical pain just as we do. Anyone who has a dog loves them to pieces and wants to do the best for them, they give us their uncoditional love and bring so much joy. So when your dog is not feeling well, you want to make them feel better.

Benefits of Reiki For Your Dog


Aids in pain management for dogs who are ill or injured

Promotes relaxation and calmness for dogs with emotional issues, anxiety, separation anxiety or stress

Facilitates other healing responses, including reduced tumor sizes

Increases the bond between human and dogs, easing the transition to a new home environment

Brings peace and comfort to a dying dog by easing the transition into death

Enhances the dog training process

How Dogs Receive Reiki

it's easy and simple!


Dogs don’t have the same logic barriers as humans that could stop them from accepting the concept of Reiki, they simply just receive and enjoy. Using Reiki can help to support your dog at a time where they are not feeling quite themselves.

It is also a lovely way of pampering your dog. Dogs love, and need the human touch, and most enjoy being massaged and stroked. By giving Reiki at the same time, it can give your dog a relaxing, calming experience, and make them feel extra special.

Paws & Rewind Reiki sessions can be done with or without touching the dog, with no harmful effects. Distance Reiki is a great option for certain dogs who are afraid of being touched by a person. This allows the dog to benefit from his/her session.